Dolphin Technical Support

For technical questions or problems, please first read the 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have question about the Windows Logo
 installation notice...

simply click "Continue Anyway" to proceed. We have
tested all drivers distributed with our Dolphin products
for compatibility and stability.

In case you don't find a solution, please fill out and submit
your concerns using our Support Request Form


Downloadable Drivers and Product Specific Support

Depending on your Dolphin Product, updated drivers and/or a product specific support page may be available in addition to an electronic copy of the Users Guide. To determine if new drivers are available, enter your product Serial Number below (do not enter the letters "U" or "AL" - only the numeric digits).  All supported drivers are the most recent and complete set for the supported operating systems in ZIP and EXE format. 

Note: Tech Support may not be able to provide drivers 
other than those found on the respective download page.

 Enter Serial Number:          U

Serial Number Location

Serial Numbers is located on the exterior of the retail packaging or at these locations:


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