Product Introduction
Dolphin Item #:  FASTPCI-9001
Description: 2-Port PCI USB Controller Card

The 2-Port PCI USB (Universal Serial Bus) Controller Card is a Plug & Play 32 bit ultra high speed USB expansion card for the PCI bus. This card provides two (2) USB A-type Downstream (4-pin) Ports and a USB root hub.

The 2-PORT PCI USB CONTROLLER CARD design supports USB hot-swappable Plug & Play, which utilizes the latest in ultra high speed interface technology. It supports throughputs of up to 12Mbs and up to 127 devices on the USB bus, making it ideal for use with today's high speed USB modems, graphics tablets, mice, digital cameras, etc. USB provides the ultimate in connectivity and expandability for your PC.

Date Introduced:  12/03/1999 Safety Approvals:  FCC, CE
Minimum Qty:  20 pcs. Warranty:  1 year
Lead Time:  Contact Dolphin Pricing:  Contact Dolphin
Product Photos/ Features
  • Universal Serial Bus Interface
  • Dual USB port (root hub and two down stream function ports)
  • USB V1.0 compatible
  • Intel UHCI (Universal Host Controller Interface) V1.1 register compatible
  • Legacy keyboard and PS/2 mouse support.
  • Integrated Physical layer transceivers.
  • Normal and low power operating mode.
  • USB legacy BIOS support
  • 32 bit PCI Interface - V2.1 compliant
  • Supports advanced PCI commands.
  • Fully Plug and Play compatible
Technical Information

System Requirements:

  • IBM PC AT Compatible Computer
  • Available PCI Expansion Slot
Operating System Support:
  • Windows 98/ME
  • Windows 2000
  • IBM compatible PC with a 486DX-66 or faster CPU (Pentium processor recommended)
  • One available PCI slot
  • 16 Megabytes of RAM (24 Megabytes recommended
Packaging Information
Click image below to view individual packaging     
 Dolphin Peripherals retail
packaging currently available. For OEM Retail packaging with a different client logo, a 1000 piece minimum order is required.
 Bulk packaging provides VARs the most cost-efficient shipping
method, especially suited for build-to-order system solution providers.
 Plain 'White Box' packaging provides the best door-to-door, low-cost shipping solution. This method is best suited for mail-order/direct-ship clients
Shipping Info., Weights and Measurements

 White Box Quantity:
 White Box - Dimensions & Weights
  Individual Unit:



 6.5" x 5.75" x 2" in

 15.5 x 13.9 x 5 cm
 z  z
 Inner White carton for 20 pcs:

 13.5"W x 11.5"L x 11"H in

 34.3 x 29.3 x 29 cm
 z  z
 Outer Brown box for 80 pcs:

 14"W x 24"L x 22.5"H in

 35.6 x 61 x 57.2 cm

12.8 Kg. (Net) 14.3 Kg. (Gross)
 OEM Box Quantity:  OEM Bulk* Box - Dimensions & Weights
 Carton for 100 pcs:



 30"W x 27"L x 7.7"H in

 76.5 x 69 x 19.5 cm
 z  z
* Anti-Static Bags, 10 drivers (when applicable), 10 manuals per 100 units

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