Product Introduction
Dolphin Item #:  RM-2002
Description:  Intelligent Learning Remote Control

The RM-2002 Intelligent Remote Master is a universal learning remote control that combines elegance, flexibility and ease of use. It features both a large dynamic touchscreen liquid crystal display with an intuitive user interface and direct-access buttons to conveniently provide home entertainment control. This unique design is suitable for one-handed operation, or tabletop use, and includes automatic backlighting for visibility in the dark.

Date Introduced:  10/01/2002 Safety Approvals:  FCC, CE
Minimum Qty:  Contact Dolphin Warranty:  1 year
Lead Time:  Contact Dolphin Pricing:  Contact Dolphin
Product Features
  • Replaces your existing TV/DSS/Satellite/Cable, Tape/Tuner, CD/DVD, Amplifier, LD/VCD, and VCR remote controls!
  • Supports up to 8 existing remote devices in one!
  • Eliminate remote control clutter on your tabletop with this professional quality high performance tool!
  • “Intella-learn" features built in remote control intelligence to make learning your other remote controls functions a snap!
  • "Pro-touch" Touch Screen LCD panel combined with standard tactile key buttons for most frequently used functions. The functions you need combined with the convenience you want!
  • Simple LCD screen customization to "match" the layout of your existing remote controls!
    Intelligent "light sensing" auto-backlight. The cool blue backlight adjusts to the ambient light in
    your room or can be instantly activated with the touch of a button!
  • Easy to set-up, easy to use. A durable and powerful multi-function remote control for the whole family!

One of the best features of the RM-2002 Intelligent Remote Master is its adaptability: you can make buttons and whole panels appear and disappear, change button labels, learn IR codes, and create and edit your own macros. You can program direct-access buttons for frequently used functions, and assign multiple commands for device control automation.

Remote controls are usually limited to a certain number of components and/or functions, but not this one. The RM-2002 Remote Master's unparalleled design combines the benefits of a dynamic, digital user interface with direct access buttons. It's easy to add, delete and label new buttons or menus. This allows maximum customization for centralized control and automation according to individual needs and tastes. With built-in X-10™ commands for out-of-the-box use with your
X-10™ products, home lighting and environment control automation has never been easier.

Tactile feedback buttons provide direct access to channels and volume. Sensitive blue backlighting allow display panel and control buttons use in the dark. The RM-2002 Intelligent Remote Control can learn to operate virtually any infrared signal device. Its learning capability, almost limitless configuration options and unique interface make the RM-2002 Intelligent Remote Control the right solution for all your remote control requirements. Replace all other remote controls on your cluttered tabletop with this ultra cool RM-2002 Intelligent Remote Master!

Technical Information

Hardware Specifications:
• High-resolution liquid crystal display with contrast control
• Large 7 row - 3 column touchscreen
• 8 programmable direct-access buttons, can learn up to 8 devices
• 28 button controls for each device
• Backlighting for LCD and direct-access buttons
• Light sensor with adjustable backlight sensitivity
• Infrared sending and learning eyes

• Dynamic, easy touch interface
• 67 panel symbols for selection
• Programmable macros (up to 25 commands per button)
• Timer delay functionality
• Built-in X-10™ commands

Infrared (IR):
• Operating distance: 10 m (33 ft.)
• Operating frequency: 10K - 125Khz
• Operating range: 30° - 45°
• Transmission: 62.5 Kbps UART

128 KB non-volatile flash memory
(retains commands when batteries
aren't present)

4 X AAA 1.5V batteries (Not Included)

Power Consumption:
• In Use: 100mA
• Standby: 125΅A
• LCD Off: 25΅A
• Battery life: Approximately 6 months with typical use

• (L)209mm X (W)59mm X (H)24mm 
  (8.2 in. X 2.3 in. X 0.95 in.)
• LCD: (L)92.5 mm X (W)39.5 mm
  (3.6 in. X 1.5 in.)
• Weight: 200g (without batteries) 

Operating Temperature:
0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)

Packaging Information
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Dolphin Peripherals retail packaging currently available. For OEM Retail packaging with a different client logo, a 1000 piece minimum order is required.

Plain 'White Box' packaging provides the best door-to-door, low-cost shipping solution. This method is best suited for mail-order/direct-ship clients.

Shipping Info., Weights and Measurements

  Retail Box Quantity:

Retail Box - Dimensions & Weights

 Individual Unit:







  Inner White carton for 20 pcs:

  13.5"L x 11.5"W x 11"H in

  34.3 x 29.3 x 27.9 cm

z z
  Outer Brown box for 80 pcs:

  24.3"L x 14.3"W x 22.8"H in

  61 x 35.6 x 57.2 cm



  White Box Quantity:

  White Box - Dimensions & Weights
   Individual Unit:




z z
  Inner White carton for 20 pcs:

  13.5"W x 11.5"L x 11"H in

  34.3 x 29.3 x 29 cm

z z
  Outer Brown box for 80 pcs:

  14"W x 24"L x 22.5"H in

  35.6 x 61 x 57.2 cm





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