What's New?
FASTTV-6220 Wireless 2.4GHz CMOS
Audio/Video Security Monitor
FASTPCCARD-1115 PCMCIA Multi Card Reader/Writer
FASTUSB-1114 USB 2.0 3-Port Hub with 
Multi Card Reader/Writer
FASTUSB-9354, 9355 5-in-1 USB MediaDrive
( MP3/WMA, FM Tuner, Voice 
Recorder, A~B repeat, Flash Drive)
FASTUSB-9345~48 USB 2.0 Flash MicroDrive
FASTTV-6207 Worldwide Standalone
TV & Stereo Tuner Box 
FASTUSB-1112 USB 2.0 Multi 12-in-1 Card

FASTPCI-4079Our I/O PCI Cards now support both 64 bit and 
32 bit
PCI slots, being compatible with mother- boards that feature 3V/5V and 5V PCI slots!

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FASTPCI-6012 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit
PCI Network Adapter

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